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Statesboro Divorce Alternatives Lawyer

Prevent Contentious Divorce with Mutually Agreed Upon Solutions

Divorcing in Georgia does not always have to be through the courts. Other avenues exist to dissolve a marriage that are simpler, less costly, and less stressful. If you believe you and your spouse can agree to work together to achieve the final result, you should consider collaborative divorce planning or alternative solutions for dissolution. The Brannen Law Office, P.C. can provide the assistance needed to help you understand how these procedures work, what is required, and act as your legal advocate to protect your rights and assert your best interests for the final divorce settlement.

Looking for a better way to divorce? Learn more about collaborative divorce planning for conflict mitigation and alternative solutions for dissolution from our Statesboro divorce lawyer. Contact us at (912) 225-0066.

Georgia Collaborative Divorce Planning

In collaborative divorce planning, you and your spouse will come to a mutual agreement on all of the issues surrounding your divorce before your divorce petition is filed. Once a settlement is reached, it is prepared by your attorneys and submitted to the judge for approval. This process is based on honest and open communication designed to mitigate conflict. It requires the cooperation of both spouses to work. Both you and your spouse will need separate attorneys trained in the collaborative process.

During these proceedings, you will:

  • Meet with your attorney independently and in four-way sessions where you will work together to come to an agreement
  • Determine shared property and identify personal property
  • Decide on parenting arrangements
  • Share the costs of these additional resources

Should the collaborative divorce planning process fail, you will not be able to continue to use your attorneys further. This can be a drawback when it comes to financial considerations should you then go to court.

Alternative Solutions for Dissolution

Another alternative solution for reaching a divorce settlement consists of mediation. A neutral third party is used to help facilitate communication so that you and your spouse can overcome your disagreements. The mediator makes no decisions or recommendations. He or she uses negotiation skills to help you create a settlement you and your spouse can accept. Once this agreement has been reached, it can be prepared and submitted to the court for approval.

We Provide All Divorce Services in Statesboro & the Surrounding Areas

If you wish to learn more about how you can dissolve your marriage without going to court, we recommend that you consult with our Statesboro divorce attorney. At the Brannen Law Office, P.C., we offer legal help using all of the above alternative processes. Our firm is committed to providing skilled legal support to make divorce simpler, easier, and more humane for all concerned.

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