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Statesboro Child Custody Lawyer

Offering Extensive Experience in Georgia Family Law

Child custody can be one of the most hotly disputed issues between divorcing spouses. Each case is unique and may involve many extenuating circumstances. It is important, therefore, to turn to an experienced attorney who fully understands the laws and precedents in this matter. At the Brannen Law Office, P.C., our Statesboro child custody attorney has years of experience as a litigator. Our firm has provided award-winning family law representation to hundreds of individuals throughout the area. We are dedicated to ensuring that your case receives the highest quality of legal representation, and our many awards and accolades are a testament to this.

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Child Custody Issues in Georgia

While parents should want what is best for their children, their judgment may often be clouded by negative emotions which lead to conflict. The determination of child custody, therefore, often falls to the courts. The guiding principle for Georgia courts will be what is in the best interests of the child. Judges will look at any relevant factor surrounding the case to make a determination. This may complicate matters even more as judges may have different viewpoints as to what should be considered, how important any factor may be, and more.

Courts generally act on the principle that both parents should be active in a child’s life unless some negative factor such as substance abuse or domestic violence should preclude it. Shared custody is often the result.

A child custody decision may take into consideration many issues such as:

  • How custody will be shared during the week and on weekends
  • How custody will be arranged for special occasions, vacations, and holidays,
  • How parents will share their obligations regarding the child’s health, education, and religion

How the Brannen Law Office, P.C. Can Help

A skilled divorce lawyer can present compelling arguments in your favor when dealing with custody issues. Our Statesboro child custody attorney offers sound legal advice as well as compassionate support aimed at helping you achieve your legal objectives.

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