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In Georgia, under certain circumstances, you may have your criminal record sealed. Georgia law provides for this according to specific rules. If you need legal assistance with understanding this process, determining whether it applies in your case, and how to go about accomplishing it, the Brannen Law Office, P.C. is here to guide you through it. Our Statesboro record sealing lawyer is a former state prosecutor with nearly two decades of criminal law experience. We have the resources and knowledge to get your record sealed should it be achievable under Georgia case law and statutory law.

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What is Record Sealing?

In Georgia, record sealing is similar to expungement. The process for accomplishing this is through “record restriction.” Once record restriction is established, no public or private parties can access your criminal record. This will prevent it from being seen by future employers, landlords, and other interested parties who may run a background check.

Your record, however, will still be accessible to law enforcement or criminal justice agencies.

Who is Eligible for Record Sealing?

Record sealing can help you avoid having your criminal charges seen. With an effective Statesboro criminal defense lawyer on your side, you can give yourself the future you deserve.

Generally speaking, you may be eligible for record sealing if:

  • The charges against you were dropped
  • The charges against you were dismissed
  • You were found not guilty at trial

You will not be eligible for record sealing if:

  • You were prosecuted for the same type of misconduct in another state
  • You pleaded guilty to some other charge as opposed to the one you were arrested for
  • Your charges were dropped because of a plea agreement

Other exceptions may also apply. Those who were convicted of a first-time drug possession who completed all of the terms of their probation may also be eligible for record sealing. Other first offenses in which probation was successfully completed may also be eligible. Only a careful review of your individual circumstances will determine your final eligibility for record sealing.

To learn more about record sealing in your case, turn to the Brannen Law Office, P.C. Contact our Statesboro criminal defense lawyer at (912) 225-0066.

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