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Are you looking to have a criminal arrest expunged? Do you need legal assistance in accomplishing this? At the Brannen Law Office, P.C., our Statesboro expungement attorney is here to help you take the necessary legal steps on your behalf to have your Georgia criminal record or arrest purged. Expungements apply only in certain cases, so let our team determine if your case is eligible, explain the process, and get you started.

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What Does Expungement Mean in Georgia?

In Georgia, expungement is referred to as “record restriction.” This means that your criminal record will not be entirely wiped out but that it will be restricted. It will only be available for viewing by government agencies or entities with authorization. The public will not have access to it and it will appear as if it never occurred. Anyone running a routine background check on you—such as a potential employer, landlord, or other parties—will not see it.

How Does the Process of Record Restriction Work?

Record restriction is governed by Georgia law. The process for it will be based on the date that you were arrested. If your arrest occurred prior to July 1, 2013, you must apply for it at the agency that arrested you. If your arrest occurred after that date, no application is necessary. Instead, the prosecutor in your case will determine if record restriction will be available to you.

The general rules for who may be eligible for record restriction are as follows:

  • You were released without ever being prosecuted and you have no current pending charges
  • The prosecutor dismissed the charges without filing a formal accusation against you and you have no current pending charges

Many exceptions exist to the above rules which is why it is vital that you seek the services of our Statesboro expungement lawyer. As your legal representatives, we can thoroughly review your unique situation which will be affected by both case law and statutory law. Should expungement be available to you, we can move forward to help you achieve a clean public record for your future.

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